PremierZEN Products name’s changing

PremierZEN Products name’s changing

We have noticed that the counterfeit PremierZEN sales increasing in the market, so we have decided to change the PremierZEN products names slightly so they differentiate from the fake premierzen in the market.
however they formula of the products should be the same unchanged. the names changing as follow

PremierZEN Gold 4000 changed to PremierZEN Gold 7000
PremierZEN Platinum 5000 changed to PremierZEN Platinum 8000
PremierZEN Extreme 3000 changed to PremierZEN Extreme 6000
PremierZEN Black 5000 remains the same.

Recently also the FDA has announced that PremierZen Gold 4000 contains hidden drug ingredient. in referral to the counterfeit PremierZEN being sold in the market now.
Please be aware of where you are purchasing your Male enhancement products as you could be a victim of the fake premierzen sales.


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