How to get 15% Discount.

How to get 15% Discount.

Get 15% Discount code for your next order

If you want to get 15% Discount on your next purchase, here is how you can do that. offers 15% Discount promo code on each product review you leave on any of our products line. Here is how it works:

  1. First you pick one of our products, or the one you have tried before.
  2. scroll down to where it says reviews, click on it.
  3. fill in your name and email and your review.
  4. Rate the product from 1-5 starts and submit.

That’s it. Your review will be sent to be reviewed first by our team, once it is approved you will receive an email with your Promo code to use in your next purchase.


note: promo codes con not be combined with other promo codes, can’t be used n on sale items. and one code it is only good for one time. you can always write more reviews and get more 15% discount every time you leave a review.


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